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“ADX TRAX melodic source separation software is a game changer. With its automatic separation features, intuitive interface and refinement tools, TRAX simplifies the tedious process of using typical spectral editors, and reduces the excessive amount of time required to produce usable results.”

– Christopher Kissel

Independent Audio Engineer, and Moderator of the

“Unconventional Stereo & Pseudostereo” Forum

on the Both Sides Now Stereo Chat Board


What Can ADX TRAX Do For You?

Imagine if you could extract vocals from a song in minutes. Now imagine what you’d create if you could. Introducing ADX TRAX — the world’s first automated source separation solution. It lets you isolate voice and melodic instrument tracks from master recordings straight from your computer in near real-time, making vocal isolation and sound isolation a breeze.

Audionamix has served the professional audio community for years, lending our expertise and patented technology to individuals and companies at the forefront of music, film and tv. Today, we bring you ADX TRAX — an intuitive and cutting-edge software service designed for creative professionals like you. If you’re an audio engineer, DJ, or producer, ADX TRAX will augment your creative options. Publishers can monetize catalogues by repurposing assets across a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, recording studios and post-production facilities can explore the many applications of ADX TRAX in music, film, and advertising.

We believe nothing should stand in the way of your creative and productive potential, and our audio processing solution reflects that. Vocal extraction with a standard spectral editor is tedious, time-consuming and often fruitless. It requires a comprehensive skill set just to audition the initial results. ADX TRAX accelerates that process and minimizes your effort, reducing the manual labor and time required when trying to accomplish the same task using standard spectral editing. All around the world, producers, DJs, and engineers like you have already begun to discover the ADX TRAX difference.

Make ADX TRAX yours, achieve unlimited separations and enjoy endless access to its intuitive, industry-standard refinement tools right from your desktop. Control vocal and instrumental volume levels independently for the ultimate advantage in remastering, mashups, voice-overs, remixes or virtual duets. Receive fast separation results and automatic software updates, thanks to cutting-edge cloud computing. Simply speaking, let ADX TRAX do the work of audio source separation so you can create unheard arrangements in an unheard-of amount of time. Get the tools you need with ADX TRAX, and take off running.