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  • When producer David Foster wanted to blend Rod Stewart’s vocals with those of the late Ella Fitzgerald on the classic “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” he relied on a sort of secret sauce to get the cleanest tracks possible — Audionamix’s ADX technology.
    Audionamix mixes old, new with tech wizardry
  • The editorial staffs of Pro Audio Review and Pro Sound News magazines are proud to present the 2014 NAMM Show’s ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Awards in Anaheim, California. A collection of NAMM Show-debuted products cited below are now officially recognized as Best of Show Award winners.
    Names Audionamix Best in Show at NAMM 2014
  • Audionamix gave me a private demo of ADX TRAX, its one of a kind source separation solution, and it was pure magic. It provides an intuitive workflow, powerful separation algorithms and a unique, melodic “pitchogram” that focuses on displaying the fundamental frequencies of the main melody within a given mix.
    New Gear from Musikmesse Prolight + Sound 2014
  • LA-based Audionamix ( is presenting “Unmixing Audio with Cutting-Edge Technology” at the Pro Audio Pit and HPA Post Pit during the NAB show. Audionamix is an audio deconstruction specialists and developer of ADX Technology.
    NAB 2013: Audionamix highlights sound separation technology
  • For a musician, a visit to NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants’ annual confab, is a lot like being a kid in the candy store. How does one take in products by more than 5,000 brands from around the world? Dizzyingly. Paris-based Audionamix demonstrated their newest tool, ADX TRAX, the world’s first automated audio separation software.
    Audionamix’s ADX TRAX Most Gawkworthy Product at NAMM 2014
  • Starting with “Steamboat Willie” in 1928, Walt Disney provided the high-pitched, enthusiastic tones of Mickey Mouse for at least 100 shorts, maybe more. Now make that at least 101. In the new “Get a Horse!,” playing in theaters with the animated feature “Frozen,” Mickey, Minnie and their friends go on a hayride, in the process traveling from black-and-white, 2-D hand-drawn images to color, 3-D digital animation.
    Resurrecting His Master’s Mouse Voice
  • Audionamix demonstrated how its ADX technology can separate dialog from a full mix for foreign reversioning, or remove and replace music cues from TV shows while preserving the dialog and effects in the original mix.
    Audionamix Unveils New ADX TRAX Audio Separation Software at NAB
  • Audionamix, the industry’s leading sound separation specialists and developers of the revolutionary ADX Technology, contributed audio isolation services to Verve Music Group for their latest release, Verve Remixed: The First Ladies.
    Audionamix Contributes Sound Separation Services to Verve Remixed: The First Ladies from Verve Music Group

What Can ADX TRAX Do For You?

ADX TRAX — the world’s first automated source separation solution. It lets you isolate voice and melodic instrument tracks from master recordings straight from your computer in near real-time, making vocal isolation and sound isolation a breeze.

An Amazing Tool

If you’re an audio engineer, DJ, or producer, ADX TRAX will augment your creative options. Furthermore, recording studios and post-production facilities can explore the many applications of ADX TRAX in music, film, and advertising.


Time Saving Power

ADX TRAX accelerates processing and minimizes your effort, reducing the manual labor and time required when trying to accomplish the same task using standard spectral editing. All around the world, producers, DJs, and engineers like you have already begun to discover the ADX TRAX difference.

Take Control

Control vocal and instrumental volume levels independently for the ultimate advantage in remastering, mashups, voice-overs, remixes or virtual duets. Receive fast separation results and automatic software updates, thanks to cutting-edge cloud computing.

Control Graphic

…if you’re really serious about doing [vocal extraction] as well as it can currently be done, you really must check out ADX Trax Pro: this is its sole reason for existence, and it offers an undeniably sophisticated, state-of-the-art toolset.

John Walden

From the article entitled: “Extract Vocals from a Stereo Mix”

Sound on Sound Magazine, June 2016

parallax layerparallax layerparallax layerparallax layer

Audionamix S2C
TRAX Box+Screenshot


TRAX was the worlds first non-destructive, automated melodic audio source separation software. Recognized for its innovation, intuitive interface, straight forward refinement tools and its ability to separate melodic content from mono or stereo audio files; the original TRAX software is a valuable time saver for a multitude creative audio applications.

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TRAX Pro is our most revolutionary software release to date. This powerful software combines our multi-algorithmic, audio source separation software with an exciting and unique, non-destructive approach to spectral editing. Original TRAX software introduced you to “the ultimate first step” in vocal isolation and instrumental creation; now TRAX Pro takes you the rest of the way.

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TRAX SP builds on the foundation of the award-winning software, ADX TRAX, to offer the first full-feature, automated speech separation software. In addition to its speech-specific features, TRAX SP includes all of the features of ADX TRAX. Separate, isolate and remove melodies, vocals, speech and dialogue from full mono or stereo mixes.

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TRAX Pro SP combines the speech separation capabilities of TRAX SP with our most powerful spectral editor. Using innovative, non-destructive spectral editing tools, TRAX Pro SP can be used to refine and perfect results from the standard TRAX SP separation process. Simply put, TRAX Pro SP is the most comprehensive and powerful separation tool available.

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Vocal Volume Control Plug-in (VVC) 3

The ADX Vocal Volume Control (VVC) plug-in is a one-of-a-kind solution for controlling volume level and pan position of the lead vocal in a final mono or stereo master mix, without requiring the original multitrack stems that created the mix. VVC is compatible with Mac and Windows, AAX, AU and VST. It uses the same cloud-based, multi-algorithmic and automatic VEX technology as ADX TRAX and ADX TRAX Pro with the convenience of working within your favorite D.A.W.

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Speech Volume Control Plug-in (SVC)

The ADX Speech Volume Control (SVC) plug-in allows you independent volume level control over both speech and background elements within a mono or stereo mix. Lower the level of background noise within troublesome production audio,or easily boost dialogue levels without requiring access to the master session.

SVC is compatible with AAX, AU, VST, Mac and Windows.

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