Webinar Recap: “In Depth With TRAX Pro 3 SP”

Thank you to all who attended our very first Audionamix Webinar “In Depth with TRAX Pro 3 SP” on October 3rd! We had a great turnout and everyone who joined was enthusiastic about the technology and learning how to take full advantage of its features. If you weren’t able to attend, … Continue reading

Audionamix partners with VENOMISTO

Solo artist VENOMISTO, in partnership with Audionamix, is launching a series of in-depth Video Tutorials on audio separation using the TRAX product line, inspired by his own music production process. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube page to stay informed when a new tutorial is available. You can also … Continue reading

Mix Sound for Film 2017

This past Saturday, Audionamix was a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual MIX Presents Sound for Film event at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. The one-day event featured guest speakers and expert panels events covering all the latest technology and advancements in sound design, production sound, virtual reality and … Continue reading

Web Audio Conference (WAC) 2017

In today’s digital age, searching for new technologies is easier than ever. The web is flooded with sites (Reddit, Twitter, StackOverflow…) that offer answers to questions you did not even realize you had. However, no source of information on the web can be compared to meeting and discussing with your … Continue reading

How to Sample an Instrument from a Full Song

The art of sampling, once highly criticized as uncreative and ethically questionable, has become ubiquitous in nearly all genres of music production.  From Hip-Hop to R&B and now even in Pop-Rock and Country tunes you can hear elements of music’s rich history re-purposed in modern production, giving our contemporary music … Continue reading

Audionamix at the AES Audio Forensics Conference 2017

Never one to shy away from broadening our horizons, Audionamix was an official sponsor of the 2017 AES International Conference on Audio Forensics in Arlington, VA! Team members Doc and Marcin arrived from Southern California and Poland (respectively) to the historic, bustling and shockingly humid D.C. suburb on a mission: … Continue reading

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